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David Reinstein: Guestbook


January 10, 2014

Dave saw and heard the video. Great job. Loved the music and production. Pete


November 25, 2010

Used to catch Orange Lake Drive at Ruby Tuesday's here in Columbus back in....'84? Had to talk my way in as I was underage. Even interviewed the band for my school newspaper. lol, thanks for that. Hope everyone from the band is well. I'll have to check out your solo work for sure.
Take care, Mike


June 22, 2010

Found a site with old weather channel music back from 96. One of your songs is on there; brings back great memories of that summer. I remember watching tv and flipping to twc for local on the 8's in hopes of hearing the song. Good luck with everything Dave.

Lenore Goldman

February 8, 2010

You've got my coordinates already, but I wanted you to know how great your website looks. Good job! And so nice to hear your music.

Craig MacIntosh

November 15, 2009

Nice music. Especially like the solo piano work, which is new to me. Now I want Chinese food.

babs randall

August 11, 2009

Hey D.!!!

How good to hear your voice and your music. i miss you like crazy!!
and wishing you...
love, joy, peace,and happiness!!

wayne Downs

October 30, 2008

Cool Dr David R

gene parker

May 21, 2008

Nice talking to you and nice page.
Good Sounds.

Gene Parker
+419 345 4480

George Harrison

February 15, 2008

Sorry I forgot to wish the proud papa a Happy Valentine's Day. Hope you had agood one. George

Rob Carter

January 16, 2008

Great site. Love it!!

Michael Wills

March 28, 2007

I'm a Guitar Player looking for a gig.
Have Fake Book will travel.
Good stage presence.
Own a Tux and have transportation.
Not cheap but can be had.
Let me know -

Tony Lannen

March 6, 2007

Hi David.
You might remember me as the 14 year old bass player in Memphis Smoke back in November with Paul Miles. If I remember right, when I saw you play the saxophone, you looked like you were "REALLY FEELIN'IT." Just like what a true musician should have.
I also remember meeting you at the AFM Local 5 Orientation back in January. Finally, I would like to compliment on your website. I hope to see you again soon and would like an oppuritunity to work with you as well.

Paul Homeniuk

February 1, 2007

Hi there.

Nice site. I was using the high speed connection at LCC and came across it.

Talk to you soon.

Larry Johnson

January 21, 2007

Hey Dave, Great to hear from you also. Nice website...I knew you were talented, but I didn't know you were involved in so much!! Great site for a great talent!! Take care and we'll be in touch.. Larry Johnson

George Harrison a.k.a your agent

January 10, 2007

Saw the pictures of you in Paris. like the site --will check it often.

andy lents

July 12, 2006

HI JUst want to say I love your music. I heard it on the weather channel and finally traced it to your name. I am a music fan I am 20 yrs old and Im autistic. I am buying a clarinet and hope to be a jazz musician myself someday. I hope maybe you will come play at a location near naples fl. sincerely, andy lents